A Journey to the Potter’s House


Sunday Nov. 23rd, 2014  9:30–11 am —

First Baptist Church of Shelton, CT invites you to a dynamic gospel presentation, “Journey to the Potter’s House,” by educator, consultant, teacher and trainer Dr. Michael Ferris. Dawn McArthur says of Ferris’ presentation, “This is such an amazing ministry and a must see. A beautiful live demonstration of how God molds us, shapes us, works through the imperfections in our lives and transforms us with HIS hands. Michael, sitting at the potters wheel all the while, sharing his own testimony about his journey!!! It was a blessing to have attended…”

First Baptist Shelton is located at 178 Leavenworth Rd. (Rt. 110) in Shelton. Dr. Ferris’ presentation will be part of Sunday morning worship, and there is no charge. Followed by a free luncheon at 11 am. For more information call 203 929-7704, or see www.AJourneyToThePottersHouse.com and on Facebook “A Journey to the Potter’s House.”

Photo: Dr. Michael Ferris with examples of his hand-crafted pottery

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